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Our commitment to investment success, wealth creation and wealth preservation is achieved as a result of individual ongoing advice, building long-term relationships and ensuring that our professional planners are continually educated with regards ever-changing global market conditions.
“The fine art of managing investments requires consistency, patience, the critical ability to envisage a long-term approach to the creation of wealth and, more importantly, the power of sound investment advice.”

Why Choose Us


Brenthurst ranked as a LEADING BOUTIQUE WEALTH MANAGER in SA for six consecutive years in the Intellidex Private Bank & Wealth Manager award.
Winner 2020 & 2017, Top 3 2022 & 2021, Runner-up 2018 and Top 4 2019. CONSISTENT EXCELLENCE SETS US APART.

Brenthurst was also the winner of
a category which included the larger well-established private banks and corporate financial services companies.


Brenthurst’s professional advisory team consists of 27 experienced individuals.

This includes Certified Financial Planning® professionals, registered financial planners, an investment strategist, consulting economists, attorneys for fiduciary services and risk planning financial advisors.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics in all professional services provided.


Brenthurst expanded its national footprint by opening additional offices in the Western Cape. We now have offices at the Waterfront, Claremont, Bellville, Stellenbosch and recently, in 2020, launched our office in Val De Vie, Paarl. Together with our Sandton and Fourways offices, this brings the total number of offices in South Africa to eight.

The company’s first international office was established in Mauritius in 2018, offering investment opportunities to clients as well as assisting with residency, setting up company trusts, registration and administration.


Brenthurst is totally independent and,
therefore, not obliged to invest with any
specific investment provider.

Contact Brenthurst’s wealth managers now and discover how an actively managed investment portfolio can create and maintain wealth over the long term.


Brenthurst’s team consists of highly qualified investment advisors who provide independent investment advice on an individual basis.
Having a detailed financial plan provides you with a strategy to implement practical financial measures in all aspects of your life.

Our financial planner will guide you through the various financial aspects providing certainty regarding your financial future.


Brenthurst was established in 2004 and has an established track record of exceptional service to clients. Brenthurst maintains a high client retention rate by providing independent investment advice and focussing on building long-term relationships. Our philosophy of searching for the best investment options for our clients contributed towards the accolades already received by Brenthurst.


“Dear Renee,

Thank you for all the work you have put into keeping me `afloat’ during this very difficult time, let us hope things improve this coming new year.

Congratulations on your No. 3 position, and to Brenthurst for maintaining their position in the top three, very creditable and very heartening for all your clients to know.

My best wishes to you and your team.


July 25, 2022

“Beste Sonia & Kerry

Baie geluk met die prestasie ! Ons is baie trots en bly om by Brenthurst te wees .
Hoop dit gaan verder nog goed .

Groete ,
M & P Heenop”

July 13, 2022

“Dear Sonia,

Well done on your award. You deserve it!

Many thanks and kind regards,

July 11, 2022

“Goeie Môre Sonia,
Baie geluk met jou prestasie in die aanwysings as Relationship Managers vir 2022.

Mooi Loop!

July 11, 2022

“Dear Renee and Sanet

Congratulations on the well deserved achievement of being a top relationship manager. Well done!

I am privileged to be one of your clients!

Best regards

July 11, 2022

“Baie geluk Sonia,

Dit is werklik wel verdien. Nou is ek eers gemaklik met ons beleggings by jou. Dankie vir die puik diens en geduld met al die vrae elke nou en dan.

Well Done !!

July 08, 2022

“Congratulations Brian, Sonia and Renee. We are proud of you, and thanks for being on our team.

Magnus, to have all 3 of the top performers in SA out of your stable is remarkable.

Congratulations to you and Sue too.

Best regards
Dr Vic Diab”

July 08, 2022

“Dear Renee,

Congratulations on being recognised as one of the top three Relationship Managers in SA and congratulations to Brenthurst in having 3 individuals win this prestigious award.

Wow! May that inspiration spur you on to excel even further!

Kind regards
C Straaten”

July 09, 2022

“Dear Renee,

Thank you for always available and going the extra mile to keep me updated on market conditions and my investments. You have been incredible in assisting me with my retirement this year and in understanding my needs, offering options and putting together a cash flow spreadsheet for me to ensure my needs are met. I no longer consider her my investment consultant but rather my friend as nothing is ever too much for her.

Kind Regards

April 26, 2022

“Morning Gustav,

Thank you kindly for your communication. I guess one can agree with Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Even though things look like they are getting out of hand, I still have the privilege of being blessed with your knowledge, expertise and caring, to look after my investment.

Thank you very much for the effort you put into the service you render.

Kind regards,

March 16, 2022

“Hi Sonia,

Well done on attaining second place as Relationship Manager of the Year for 2021. Wow! That’s fantastic.

It’s so amazing that Brenthurst has secured the top 3 places for relationship managers. And is ranked third in the Top Wealth Manager award for boutiques.

How true it is that many clients stay with a particular firm due to the trust they’ve placed in their relationship manager.

Thank you for all your assistance and guidance. Everything of the best.

Kind regards,

June 30, 2022

“Dear Sue,

Thank you for always sending me your news highlights.
I am looking forward to investing my retirement with Brenthurst.

M F G”

January 28, 2022

“Dear Brian

Thank you for all your support during 2021. I am very aware that it is because of you that I have the life that I do. Thank you.

Best L.Blake”

December 6, 2021

“Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for the clear picture regarding our investment with Brenthurst. It gives us a sense of peace of mind to know that our finances are steadily increasing. We want to express our gratitude for managing our portfolio with excellence.

Wishing you and your team with your families a Blessed Christmas and prosperous 2022.

Regards Philip and Tina”

December 16, 2021

“Goeiedag aan die Brenthurstspan

Baie dankie vir u volgehoue en eerlike diens. Ons waardeer dit uit ons hart.
Ons wens u ook n Geseënde Feestyd en n Voorsoedige Nuwejaar.

Groete, Rus en Marie”

December 15, 2021

“Dear Aidan,

I am so pleased that I chose Brenthurst as my financial advisor company. That Partner Content ad/article I read in News 24 came at just the right time…which inspired me to go read more about the company on your website, and the rest is history.

Regards, Etienne”

December 15, 2021

“Goeie dag Ruan en Sonia

Baie dankie vir julle moeite met hierdie uitstekende beleggingsvoorstel. Die uiteensetting en jul professionalisme is indrukwekkend.

Vriendelike groete, C de Wet”

November 29, 2021

“Dear Me C Phakathi

I wish to thank you for all your professional assistance, I really appreciate it.

From Petro”

December 02, 2021

“Dear Renee and Sanet,

Thank you for being pro-active and for being so efficient.

Kind regards C van de Straaten”

November 24, 2021

“Dear Suzean,

Thank you for your personal interest and concern over our financial situation. It’s much appreciated, especially since I’m certain I am nowhere near to being a significant client of Brenthurst.

That fact alone helps cement my faith in you and Brenthurst as an honest and constructive informant in these frantic times that have the proclivity to become panic-stricken.

It is very comforting to know that you’re happy with the way things are going. Keep up the diligent way you have always been and thanks again for all your efforts.

Best regards and pass on my thanks also to Greer who has always been very responsive and helpful.”

November 23, 2021

“Dear Karen

Thank you for your continuous good service to us.

Regards, Ernest”

November 16, 2021

“Hi Brian,

I would like to bring under your attention the excellant service I receive from Sonia.
She has the patience to work with clients, the knowledge to advise and the patience to explain over and over due to covid.

I request you to bring this under the attention of senior management that she can get the recognision she deserve.

Regards A Marais”

November 4, 2021

“I am eternally grateful for having read and acquired Magnus’s book “World of Money” ( Don’t say you haven’t been warned)… many decades ago and very fortunate to be on your mailing list. Well done Sue!

Warm Regards
R Vary”

October 29, 2021

“Dear Ruan,

An outstanding, well-written article on Bitcoin

I have always had difficulty in explaining my views, re Bitcoin, to friends and family. So I will now print out your article and keep it handy.

Warm Regards
R Vary”

October 29, 2021

“Middag Suzean

Baie dankie vir baie voledige en insiggewende verslag. Ek geniet dit om dit deur te gaan en die gerustelling dat dit goed gaan met die portfolio.

Dankie vir jou bydrae tot die sukses.

Groete, Jimmy”

22 September 2021

“Dear Aidan,

Thank you for explaining complex issues and your professional approach. Your attention to detail is brilliant. Thanks for following up always and being well prepared.

Your passion for investment planning is contagious and has inspired me to become more informed.

Regards, E Voges”

22 September 2021

“Dear Aidan

Thank you for the excellent service up to now. Much appreciated.


14 September 2021

“Dear Aidan

Thank you very much for your professional service.

H Klein”

26 May 2021

“Hello Leslie

I just want to compliment you on a fine written article on Retirement planning. So much insight and information that one can easily look into for valuable outcomes for the future in retirement

Your calculations on what is required pm x year divided by 5 % is so clear and figures derived is a good starting point too!

Thank you, B Pillay”

22 May 2021

“Dear Brian and the Brenthurst team

Thank you for truly valued assistance in advising and facilitating this investment and of course managing the rest of our portfolios with so much care and professionalism. You are truly appreciated.

Kind regards, T Redelinghuys”

6 May 2021

“Hi Mags

Thank you for your sound advice.
It has very clearly illustrated the value of the decisions you guided us through, as well as the opportunity cost of indecision.

Kind regards, Chris”

4 May 2021

“Goeie dag Marise.

Baie dankie vir die volledige en breedvoerige terugvoering, waardeer opreg. Baie dankie vir jou goeie diens, hulp en ondersteuning aan my.

Ek glo en vetrou dat jy my belange op die hart dra en net die beste moontlike opbrengs vir my wil bewerkstellig.

Baie dankie vir al jou moeite. Groete, Jan”

16 April 2021

“Dear Malissa,

Thank you for the changes to my will, it looks absolutely perfect. Job well done, you are a master of your craft.

Much appreciated. Kind regards, N Duarte”

31 March 2021

“Dear Brian,

Thank you once again for excellent service. I really appreciate the summary of current conditions and the precise communication.

Kind regards, J de Jager”

30 March 2021

“Dankie Sonia & Kerry,

Dit is n absolute plesier om in vandag se tyd te deel met mense soos julle waar alles net gebeur.

Ek hoef nie te worrie of iets nog uitstaande, onafgehandel of dalk verkeerd kan gaan nie.

Gemoedsrus diens

Groete en lekker naweek, Mnr. Fouché”

Friday, 26 February 2021

“Thank you Arin & Lara,

You service has been absolutely above and beyond the best customer service anyone could hope for. I cannot express just how much I appreciate it after this rollercoaster ride with SAA.

I appreciate everything, Beau”

16 February 2021

“Hi Renee,

Congratulations on your well written and insightful article; ”Why has the Rand made a come-back?”.

Keep up the awesome service you and your team provide, much appreciated.”

Cheers, Eric

17 February 2021

“Dear Malissa, Sonia and Lebanette

Thanks again to all of you for your amazing assistance with the drafting of and amendment to our will.

Over the past ten plus years I got so used to receiving this kind of professional service, that I’m not sure how I would deal with anything less somewhere else.
Kind regards to you all.”

E du Plessis

11 February 2021

“Goeiedag Andre en Ronelle,

Julle lewer puik diens daar in die Kaap. Al jul raad en administrasie geskied blitsvinnig! Andre, ek stem 100% saam met jou verandering. Ronelle, jy sal nooit mag aftree nie; jou diens is te puik.

Baie dankie vir jul puik diens.”

Vriendelike groete, G Maritz.

03 February 2021


“Beste Magnus en Sue,

Ons is so bevoorreg dat jy al die jare na ons finansiele sake omgesien het. Sonder jou advise en hulp sou dit nooit tot die huidige waardes gestyg het nie .

Baie dankie ook vir die goeie wense.”

Groete Nic en Rita

16 Januarie 2021


“Dear Brian,

I would just like to thank you and Daleen for your great service and advice this past difficult year, but also since we joined Brenthurst.”

Regards Wessel and family,

19 December 2020


“Dear Brian, Well done to all of you with regards to your award. I’d better start spending some money because you’re currently growing it a lot faster than we are spending it.

Nice position for us to be in.”   Thanks again, J & R

“Hi Sonia, I’ve just been checking out the latest Investors Monthly magazine and read all about Brenthurst Wealth’s fine achievements.

Congratulations on being awarded the Top Boutique Wealth Manger for 2020! Absolutely awesome news.

And I can understand why. It’s your commitment to making sure that your clients are continuously kept up to date regarding the latest investment trends and cutting edge products. So important in these incredibly difficult markets. I’m so glad I chose Brenthurst Wealth to look after my investments.”


“Dear Brenthurst Wealth, A big congratulations to you all.
You deserve it to have been nominated SA Top Wealth Manager.”

T Browne

“Hallo Magnus, Ons is regtig besonder bevoorreg dat jy na ons beleggings omsien. Nogmaals baie dankie.”

Nic & Rita

“Brenthurst Wealth Awarded Top Wealth Manager in SA, 2020. – Congratulations Magnus, Sue, Renee and the rest of the team!”

Dr Vic Diab

“Baie geluk julle Brenthurst Wealth. Dis ʼn groot prestasie om op trots te wees. Groete, Jan en Elna”

Jan en Elna

“Baie geluk met Brenthurst se toekenning!! Ek kan net beaam dat julle die beste is en dat julle my belange op die hart dra.
Julle is omgee mense en voel ń mens dit.. nie net nog ń nommer of naam by ń instansie..
Baie geluk en doet so voort! Groete, Pop”


“These people know their story. Financial advice based on sound principals. A one-stop place to get finances, investments, wills and planning for the future in place. Do it now. Sooner you get started, the better!”

Mark Pretorius

“Dear Renee, You have been a model of what every professional financial advisor should be in the industry. You are extremely professional, articulate, understanding and engaging. Most importantly, a person who can be trusted with the most important financial decisions. You have vast financial experience and undoubtedly work incredibly hard and sacrifice a great deal to get to where you are today. You have navigated through difficult financial markets, making correct and objective financial decisions for us clients.”

Jarad B

“Goeiemôre Marise, Ek wil net hiermee my hartlike dank aan julle en Brenthurstwealth in die algemeen oordra. Ek is so pas klaar met my maandelikse boekhouding. Waar ek gedink het ek gaan depressief wees is dit heeltemal die teendeel. Ek kan dit net toeskryf aan julle professionele ingesteldheid en goeie en toepaslike advies wat julle alleenlik kan verkry met deeglike marknavorsing en vinger op die pols mentaliteit. Julle verdien n groot applous!! Nogmaals baie dankie.”


“Hallo Suzean. Dankie vir hierdie insiggewende opsomming van wat aangaan in die finansiele wereld…wel ek kan net dankie se vir jou. Dankie dat jy na my goedjies omsien in hierdie absolute gaos.Ek dink nie iemand weet regtig wat wag op ons nie. Baie dankie en bly veilig”


“ Once again thank you Malissa for your comments and observations and we look forward to seeing your initial draft wills. I would also like to note that you are, for me, a rare person, who, without having to resort to lengthy verbal discussions, seems to recognize and get to, as well as display in your tabulated reply example, the nub of the questions I have posed. ”


“ Thank you Brian for all your assistance and efficiency in managing my investments during 2017. I often think how lucky I was to have you managing my portfolio and hence allowing me to retire early and enjoy life.
Thank you. ”


“ I am forever indebted to Magnus for the timeous warnings he gave many years ago on Tigon, Usapho trust. Fidentia and Masterbond. When financial advisors were pressing their clients to invest in these schemes, MAGNUS and the late financial journalist of the FM were the only sane guys around. People around me lost millions. When Magnus says something, I listen very carefully. ”


“ Sonia, I have just read your very interesting supplement in this week’s FM, and it made me feel real good to be one of your 2,000 clients. Well done! What really stands out for me, is how uniquely placed BWM is by being totally independent and still managed by its three founders. Congratulations again on the 2017 Intellidex Wealth Manager award. ”


“ Baie dankie vir die interessante grafiek. Dit wys jou net hoe belangrik dit is om van deskundige raad gebruik te maak, daarom wil ons jou graag bedank vir wat jy vir ons bereik het die afgelope 25 jaar. Ons waardeer dit regtig baie. Nogmaals baie dankie.”


“ I have been an avid reader of MH’s writings for over 2 decades, ever since his warnings on the huge pyramid schemes of the nineties. Other financial advisors were urging clients to invest with Porrit and the like. Heystek and the late Financial editor of the Fin Mail were the exceptions. Magnus has proved his integrity, insight and professionalism over and over again. ”


“ Baie dankie Magnus vir die ongelooflike ‘straight talking’ in jou artikel in Moneyweb vandag.
Magtig maar dit was pragtig! ‘May you be blessed to keep on keeping on’!. As ‘n entrepreneur vir meer as 30 jaar, kan ek net sê: Bravo vir Magnus Heystek!! ”


“ Hiermee wil ons net aan julle as span oordra dat ons gister se gesprekspunte asook die samesyn agterna baie geniet het. Dit was regtig aangenaam – ook om die nuwe Kaapse lede van jul span te ontmoet.
Baie dankie Suzean. ”


“ Dankie vir die inligting om julle kliënte te laat deel in julle prosesse. In reaksie hierop kan ek slegs meld dat die diens wat ons oor talle jare van Sonia du Plessis ontvang het, sekerlik die beste behandeling is wat ons nog by enige instansie op enige stadium beleef het. Deur ondervinding weet ons dat sy te alle tye vir ons die beste sal doen, tenspyte daarvan dat ons belegging maar baie klein is. Onder haar sorg het ons nie veel behoefte aan addisionele inligting nie. Ons kan maar net hoop dat sy na verdienste beloon sal word vir die entosiasme waarmee sy haar werk doen. ”


“ Thank you for the update. You are AMAZING Karen! Thank you for everything you have helped myself and Nicole with so far. I have only ever had great service and a great experience. It’s when organizations have individuals such as yourself that they win awards like TOP BOUTIQUE WEALTH MANAGER in SA. ”


“Dear Magnus, In about 1998 you managed my portfolio of around R10m. You gave me this calculator which still works and has never needed a battery! Better still it has been adding up my returns on a monthly basis as is suggested on the calculator.

The only thing that has changed from then is the total amount. Its now much more. I have followed your diversification guidelines in retirement (at age 53) as suggested in your just received newsletter.

Thank you for putting me on the right track”


“Baie dankie vir die interessante grafiek Magnus. Dit wys jou net hoe belangrik dit is om van deskundige raad gebruik te maak, daarom wil ons jou graag bedank vir wat jy vir ons bereik het die afgelope 25 jaar. Ons waardeer dit regtig baie. Nogmaals baie dankie.”


“Dear Renee, Thanks very much for your report. We think that you are an absolute star and are extremely happy to have placed our investments in your care during these volatile times. It must be extremely trying being in your industry at the moment! Thanks for managing our portfolio so well for us during these ridiculously turbulent times”

Paul D.

“Brian, you are the best in this business “BRENTHURST VOTED AS SA’S TOP WEALTH MANAGER”. I have been with 4 other companies in this field before, but they were poor.”


“ Dankie aan jul almal en Yolandi by Brenthurst vir die seminaar. Ek het in die laaste tyd my kennis begin opskerp oor finansies en het die seminaar baie insiggewend gevind. My vriendin, Marie du Preez, wat oor ‘n jaar of wat aftree het ook na die seminaar vir die 1ste keer te laat blyk dat sy nou die waarde van die aftree beplanning insien. Dankie ook aan Magnus nie net vir die seminaar nie maar oor alles wat hy in die bree doen om die gewone mens bewus te maak van die korekte finansiele beplanning. Ek volg sy praatjies oor die afgelope paar jaar en het ook al heelwat van sy boeke aangekoop. ”


“Hi Mags, Just a short note from me to say thank you and that I’m happy I stuck with your advice on the new portfolio – I see it is performing well at the moment.”

M Kurz

“Dear Magnus, Renee and Sue,

On behalf of the Diab’s I would like to thank you most sincerely for your friendship, dedication , but not least for the service you are providing to us.

I know that you will always try to procure the best investments for us. May we wish you and your families all the best for the Festive Season. May you rest well, travel safely and be full of joy and happiness.

May you return with good hopes and high spirits in January and may the year 2019 be the best ever”


“Dear Magnus,

 May I take the opportunity to thank you for the services that you have rendered so selfless during the year. We note all your additional efforts and appreciate it more than words can say. You safeguard our investments as if it was your own.

It is comforting to know that we can rely on your professional guidance in all our investment decision making.

We wish you and your loved ones God’s blessings and a peaceful, safe and healthy festive season.”


“Ek kan nie my dankbaarheid in woorde uitspreek nie Suzean – jy het dit weer reggekry om my te kalmeer. Baie baie dankie vir jou gerusstellende antwoord en die uitstekende verduideliking.”


“Thank you for the update Lebanette. You were all so efficient and I am thoroughly impressed!”


“Baie dankie Suzean vir die Stellenbosch seminaar uirnodiging. Soos altyd is hierdie byeenkomste altyd baie objektief met informasie en feite. Ons het die fantastiese eetgoed baie geniet.”

Vivian en Lorraine

“Beste Suzean, Baie dankie vir jou flink hulp met opening van die rekening en die oordrag van die dollars, ek waardeer dit!”

J Kriel

“Hallo Suzean, Jul diens is ongelooflik. Baie dankie”

T Jacobs

“Dear Brian, I wanted to place on record my thanks to you for taking the time to spend with me during your recent visit to Knysna. As I explained during our meeting, I feel increasingly vulnerable as I age and it is of comfort to me to know you are looking after my portfolio and that you are not recommending any changes at this point in time. Once again my heartfelt appreciation for keeping an eye on my investments and for being a friend”


“Eerstens wil ek die Pretoia Brenthurst Span bedank vir absoluut uitstaande diens! Nadat ek my navorsing gedoen het en op Brenthurst as adviseur(s) besluit het, het julle telkens ons verwagtinge oortref. Op hierdie stadium van ons lewe het ons iemand nodig wat ons kan vertrou en op wie ons kan staat maak. Dankie daarvoor!”

R&H Hauter

“Dagsê Magnus, Suzean Hauman by die Bellville kantore is my finansiële adviseur. Ons buitelandse belegging wat sy gedoen het in 2019 het bo my en my vrou se verwagting presteer en ek het haar daarvoor bedank. Sy doen, met my gebrekkige kennis van markte en finansiële sake, vir ons ‘n baie goeie job. Baie dankie daarvoor en ook aan Brenthurst omdat ek groot respek het vir jou en jou span se kennis, raad en integriteit. Hiermee saam wil ek ook my waardering uitspreek vir Ronelle Stipp se ondersteuning, deeglikheid, geduld en vriendelikheid.”


“Dear Suzean. Thank you once again for taking the time to meet with me.  I actually really enjoy talking to you as you seem to make the burden seem so much lighter.  I love your friendly approach as it makes the bad news seem not that bad and that life is not so stressful.  Thank you for making me see the bigger picture and to make me understand this complicated finance story. Really appreciate it.  I will keep you updated with my movements.”



Ten years ago Brenthurst Wealth took the bold and brave step of setting-up its own globally managed fund for exclusive use by its clients.

Not only has the fund survived and grown the investments of its clients substantially, but it also beat the performance of some of the well-known brand names on the investments landscape.


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Latest Investment Reports

Latest Investment Reports

Investment lessons from the pandemic

Investment lessons from the pandemic

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Relationships the differentiator in wealth management

Relationships the differentiator in wealth management

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