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Offshore Investments

South African individual investors are allowed to invest up to R10 million anywhere in the world.

Brenthurst Wealth considers offshore diversification integral to long-term wealth creation and offers a range of investment funds across all asset classes.

Brenthurst Wealth has access to some of the best fund managers in the world including Templeton, Orbis, Investec and many others.

Many of the these investment companies are not present in South Africa and the only way to invest in some of the best-performing funds in the world is by making use of the foreign investment allowance.

Our foreign investment services include:

  • Applying for foreign exchange clearance via SARS and the SA Reserve Bank.
  • Arrange for the placement of the cleared funds with one of the investment platforms we use, including RMB International and Investec.
  • Setting up of offshore trusts, foreign bank accounts and other related services.

The company has assisted countless investors with their amnesty application and now manages these portfolios from South Africa.

Brenthurst also makes use of local asset- swap investment portfolios for investors and entities who do not wish to make use of the foreign exchange allowance.

CLIENTS of Brenthurst Wealth will be well aware of our long-standing investment strategy of increasing offshore exposure across all our portfolios. Offshore diversification has long been an underlying theme in our investment portfolios, which was accelerated from about 2010 onwards.

At the time our investment approach was met with substantial resistance but the events since then, as well as the relative investment performance over the past five years, has vindicated this position and has added considerable wealth to our clients.

It is fair to say, some five years later, that investors who added offshore diversification to their portfolios are today considerably better off than those who did not.

Despite the relative strengthening of the rand versus the US dollar and other major currencies during 2016, we do not see this as a major turning point in the fortunes of the local currency.

We see it rather as a temporary reprieve from further currency weakness and will be using this period of relative strength to add to our offshore portfolios on behalf of our clients.

There are substantial headwinds building up which under certain circumstances can again in the near future put severe downward pressure on the rand-exchange rate versus major currencies.

  • The potential downgrade to SA’s international credit rating by the major credit agencies, in June 2017.
  • Sharper-than-expected increases in US interest rates during 2017 and beyond.
  •  Slowdown in the mild upward turn in the global commodity cycle.
  • Political events, which could include the replacement of Pravin Gordhan as SA’s finance minister.








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